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We value the chance to grasp your aspirations, objectives and assist you in realizing them. It brings us great satisfaction to streamline this aspect of your life and restore confidence to it.

Superannuation Advice

Optimizing retirement funds through strategic financial planning and investment advice.

Investment Advice

Strategic guidance to maximize returns and manage investment portfolios effectively.

Insurance Advice

Tailored protection plans ensuring financial security against unforeseen risks.

Retirement Planning

Strategic financial plans for a secure and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Wealth Protection Advice

Customized plans safeguarding assets, financial security and long-term prosperity.

Debt Management

Strategic solutions for effective debt control and financial stability.

Bundle & Save

Embark on a personalized financial journey with us! Our friendly team offers expert guidance in superannuation, investments, insurance, retirement planning, and wealth protection. Tailored strategies ensure your financial goals are met. Join us in securing a brighter, worry-free future.

Because your financial well-being is our top priority!

Over 100 Five Star Reviews

  • Chris Jackson was a pleasure to deal with. Knowledgeable and friendly. A credit to the Company and part of a strong team.

    ding020468 Avatar ding020468
    September 24, 2023

    Dealing with Integral Wealth was a pleasure from start to finish. Every team member I spoke to was helpful and courteous. I feel that my Super is now tailored to... read more

    Jess Hunt Avatar Jess Hunt
    January 10, 2024

    At this stage I've just set it all up at present no issue it was extremely happy with the service and guidance on my future. Thank you

    Mark Strudwick Avatar Mark Strudwick
    January 24, 2022
  • Every person involved in my experience with Wealthrite was on point and has left me with positive thoughts for the future to come. They were the first to earn my... read more

    Mario Metaxas Avatar Mario Metaxas
    November 24, 2023

    Brad was extremely informative in his presentation and made me aware of changes to superannuation that I wasn't aware of. I'm not currently in a position to take up his... read more

    Melissa Martin Avatar Melissa Martin
    January 24, 2022

    I had the pleasure of dealing with James and the talks that we had were absolutely mind blowing. Even though I have a bit of a background in Financial... read more

    Paul Pattra Avatar Paul Pattra
    January 10, 2024
  • Highly recommend if you are looking for reassurance and reliability. I have been a client for over a year and my financial adviser has always shown genuine interest in my... read more

    Hayley French Avatar Hayley French
    August 24, 2023

    Very informative and knowledgeable, with the aim to help you get ahead. Great follow up service too.

    Ben Boyd Avatar Ben Boyd
    January 24, 2022

    The overall experience was very informative. At no time did we feel obligated or pressured . As with all things new,there was some trepidation. But all questions were addressed and... read more

    Greg Sezonenko Avatar Greg Sezonenko
    January 24, 2023
  • Couldn't be happier with what they have done for me and my super. Dealt with Steve, whose experience and knowledge in this area was second to none. I am now... read more

    Grant Lean Avatar Grant Lean
    January 24, 2023

    So friendly, helpful and professional. Nothing is too much for the IWG Team

    Kylie White Avatar Kylie White
    January 24, 2023

    Integral Wealth Group have been absolutely fantastic to deal with. From first contact with Brad the level of service has been second to none, information has been clear to understand... read more

    TigerDan Avatar TigerDan
    January 24, 2023
  • JP and the team did a fantastic job in enlightening me about the bright and dark side of superannuation. Dare I say that it is a taboo topic for me... read more

    Michael Amparo Avatar Michael Amparo
    January 24, 2023

    Friendly and expert advice and help , would and will highly recommend

    Jason Burgio Avatar Jason Burgio
    January 10, 2024

    Thorough and definitively an experience I’d recommend for everyone to unlock wealth

    Francis Kwabena Avatar Francis Kwabena
    January 10, 2024
  • Wealthrite has given me clear direction and clarity in regards to my super fund, thank you very much Harley for make my fund work for me !!

    David Grenfell Avatar David Grenfell
    January 24, 2022

    I was contacted by wealthrite in relation to my superannuation health Check I was hesitant to begin with but once speaking with Chris he explained that my superannuation was not... read more

    Simon Cobby Avatar Simon Cobby
    October 24, 2023

    After been with a former superannuation fund,and been charged with so many funds I decided to take the road with wealthrite good guidance to my financial fund and helpful... read more

    Anthony Randazzo Avatar Anthony Randazzo
    January 24, 2023
  • Very informative and helpful, smooth transition changing my super over

    Jackie Talbot Avatar Jackie Talbot
    January 10, 2024

    I found Brad to be very informative and knowledgeable about what he was talking about. He was able to answer any questions I asked quickly and made sure that I... read more

    Ray Walker Avatar Ray Walker
    January 24, 2022

    Great people who always answer the phone, if you have left a message they always call back and have helped us understand our superannuation a lot better than we did.

    Amanda Sanita Avatar Amanda Sanita
    January 24, 2022
  • Everyone I dealt with from Milad, Mostafa and Kasandra were all very honest, professional and very helpful

    Sean Rei Avatar Sean Rei
    October 24, 2023

    The team have a been so helpful, answering every question and I highly recommend using their services

    Ni c o l e M u n d a y Avatar Ni c o l e M u n d a y
    January 24, 2023

    Easy and professional to deal with and offfer great products

    Tom Freeman Avatar Tom Freeman
    January 10, 2024
  • Im not really the ones to leave reviews online, more so in person but would recommend these guys tenfold when it comes to any financial advice, getting the most out... read more

    Matthew Calcott Avatar Matthew Calcott
    January 24, 2023

    I'm happy to rate this company. I've had a great experience with the whole team. I'm now proactive with my super. Thoroughly recommend.

    Michael Avatar Michael
    January 24, 2022

    At first I thought I was just another telly marketer but after having a chat with the guys here I feel like I've changed my whole perspective on super, Worth... read more

    Daniel Moore Avatar Daniel Moore
    January 24, 2022
  • What a pleasure it was to deal with Kate Mason from Integral Wealth Group. I knew my super needed a "health check" and Kate was able to steer me in... read more

    Karl Erdmanis Avatar Karl Erdmanis
    December 24, 2023

    The team are top notch at supporting each individual and their goals. Would highly recommend to anyone

    Tony Hoffensetz Avatar Tony Hoffensetz
    January 10, 2024

    very helpful and understanding

    Glenn West Avatar Glenn West
    January 10, 2024

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