About Integral Wealth Group

We help you explore exclusive investment options typically accessible to specific investors.
We uncover advanced strategies for wealth generation and risk management with the guidance of financial advisors.

Our Process


Initial Meeting

Our objective in conducting no-cost, no-obligation information sessions is to offer further education on superannuation, raise awareness about your current investment products, highlight changes in Superannuation, explore other qualifying product options you might not be aware of.

Review of your Superannuation

We aim to assist individuals in understanding strategies that could potentially increase returns within your super while ensuring these strategies are easily comprehensible. Additionally, we confirm if you are in an optimal position presently. If not, we explain the benefits and refer you to our partners.

Referral to Financial Advisors

We refer you to our trusted partners, licensed to provide personal and tailored advice.
From there, your adviser, working in collaboration with your paraplanners, will craft a customized strategy designed to effectively guide you toward the realization of your objectives.

Statement of Advice

The Advisors will present the recommended strategies from your information and their research. The aim is to empower you with understanding, ensuring you can make informed decisions that align with your financial goals and secure a bright future.

We offer a range of policies for individuals, couples, & families

Putting our experience to your service

Our dedicated team is committed to providing valuable support for your financial journey. We approach challenges with a positive mindset, turning them into opportunities. You can rely on our prompt responses and effective problem-solving abilities. Our services are personalized to your specific circumstances, emphasizing customization. We prioritize active listening, ensuring you feel heard and understood.

Our Mission

Feel heard and understood through our client-centric approach, placing active listening at the forefront of our method. Experience swift and efficient solutions with our commitment to quick responses and problem-solving expertise.


Our Vision

Proactively, we develop strategies that align with your evolving needs. Trust us as your financial partners for transparent and clear assistance. We adapt to industry changes to provide up-to-date expertise.

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Opening Hours
Monday to Friday
9 am – 5 pm 

Online consultations are available up until 8 pm Limited times on weekends